Why You Need a Wood Router for Your Restaurant Furniture

A wood router is a tool used to rout or hollow out an area in the face of the wood. It’s used for woodworking, especially cabinetry. It’s also commonly utilized as a plunging tool, and it’s even inverted in a router table.

Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway—it’s one versatile tool you should get your hands on if you’re preparing for your restaurant’s furniture. Why?

Because wood routers enable you to produce finished edges and various shapes, making your tables and chairs distinct from other restaurants. Aside from that, a wood router can also shape holes, cutaways, and contours!

Clearly, a wood router can cut more than fancy edges. It can also cut perfect rabbets, dadoes, and other patterns just like the ones in the image below.


Here’s a technique to persuade you even more:

With a wood router, you can hollow out a smooth, clean edge profile on narrow wood pieces of your restaurant furniture. The process is a bit tricky because clamps can get in the way of your wood router and it’s difficult to keep the base from rocking on the surface. However, you can solve that issue by screwing a support board, which is as thick as your workpiece, to the workbench. This will give your router a broader surface to rest on, getting rid of the rocking problem, and force your workpiece against the board and the stop, also eliminating the need for clamps.

wood router

Cool, isn’t? Now you can use narrow, beautifully designed pieces of wood to decorate your restaurant furniture!

So if you value quality and unique furniture, I’m confident you’ll check out the great routers for woodworking right away.

If all of these haven’t convinced you yet, perhaps seeing this YouTube video will. It presents the magnificence of the versatile tool you must own.


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