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7 of the Best Foods You Can Find in Japanese Convenience Stores

A konbini, or convenience store, is a familiar sight across Japan. The country is home to over 50,000 of them that live up to the “convenience” part. From Seven Eleven to Family Mart and all other operators in between, konbinis are a treasure trove of items including delicious meals and treats. Here are seven of the best foods you can find in Japanese convenience stores.

Convenience store bento boxes are delicious and available at great value. Most convenience stores carry a wide selection of bentos most of which pack healthy options to meet different tastes and preferences.

Japan boasts of some of the best-tasting and unique breads in the world. They also make some mean sandwiches. A trip to the convenience store is a delectable experience of choosing from among a wide selection of scrumptious-looking breads like an pan (bread with red bean paste filling) , curry pan (bread with curry filling), katsu sando (pork-cutlet sandwich), korokke pan (croquette sandwich), melon pan, tamago roll (bread with egg filling), and yakisoba pan (roll with yakisoba filling) among others.

Instant noodles
cup noodles
Convenience stores in Japan offer a wide array of instant noodle flavors. From well-known brands to unfamiliar names, the instant noodles aisles are just begging to be explored and sampled.

oden at FamilyMart
Oden is a Japanese dish made of boiled egg, chikuwa, konnyaku, Japanese radish (daikon), and other ingredients. You choose which ingredients you like and enjoy the dish with a sauce. This dish is a favorite treat during the cold season.

Onigiri is a triangle or round shaped rice ball that comes with different fillings. Some of the most popular fillings include tuna with mayonnaise, konbu seaweed, mentaiko (spicy pollock roe), salted salmon, and umeboshi (pickled plums) among many others.

Purin (custard pudding)
Purin (custard pudding)
Purin is a popular dessert and treat in Japan. It is smooth, creamy, and sweet. It practically melts in your mouth and leaves an explosion of delicious flavors that would make you want to have more.

Special Kit Kat flavors
Special Kit Kat flavors
Japan is known for its wide array of special, and often unusual, Kit Kat flavors many of which are not available in other parts of the world. Some Kit Kats you can find in the country include the Apple Vinegar, Baked Pudding, Cherry Blossom (Sakura), Ginger Ale, Kinako Ohagi (Roasted Soybean Rice Ball), Matcha (Green Tea), Nihonshu (Japanese Sake), Sweet Potato, and Yawataya Isogoro Ichimi (Red Chili). While convenience stores do not carry all the different and quirky flavors available, they still are excellent places to find some of the special Kit Kats that are worth a try.

7 Best Cities in the World for Food Lovers

With food so much a part of people’s daily life, many fail to fully appreciate the eating experience. One of the greatest things about traveling is that it has an uncanny knack of engaging all senses. The sensory inputs further make travel more remarkable and often unforgettable. To hear, feel, smell, — and taste are all part of the sublime experience. Tasting the local flavors and exploring traditional cuisines are intricately woven into every travel. If you are thinking of setting off into some culinary adventures, here are some of the best cities in the world for food lovers.

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is steadily carving out a reputation as a gastronomic hub. Catalan cuisines like allio, crema catalana, escalivada, paellas, and tapas are just some of the top things that come to mind when thinking of the must-try foods in the city. From restaurants in tourist spots to under the radar dining spots in residential districts, Barcelona’s authentic flavors await to be savored and enjoyed.

Bangkok, Thailand
pad thai
Bangkok has long enjoyed a reputation as a food lovers’ haven. Traditional Thai cuisines are easy to find and can be enjoyed for cheap. The street foods are widely-popular, tasty, and filling. And the city boasts of a wide range of dining spots, from cheap to high-end restaurants, to choose from. Top dishes and treats to try when in Bangkok include bamee, gooay teeo kooa gai, gooay teeo reua, kanom beuang, kow mok, mah hor, or sooan, mee grorp, pat tai, pla pao, and tom yam.

Bologna, Italy
Tagliatelle al ragu Bolognese
The home of the Bolognese continues to delight food lovers with its delicious eats. It may seem cliché, but no trip to this city would be complete without eating its traditional Bolognese. But there is more to a food adventure in Bologna than tasting the authentic dish. Make sure to taste some of the must-eats like tagliatelle al ragù, tagliere (sliced cold cuts), mortadella, lasagne, and gelato.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Touted as the culinary capital of Scandinavia, Copenhagen is home to some of the top-rated restaurants in the world – think Noma. From cheap delicious food to pricier fares, the city has them in spades. Must-try foods include the frikadeller, millionbøf, pølsevogn, smørrebrød, and stegt flæsk.

Lyon, France
Touted as the food capital of France, Lyon’s cuisines pack a punch. It is a great place to enjoy delicious regional cuisine and the finest produce from nearby towns and cities. The city boasts of great food, value-for-money delectable meals, and high-quality wines. Immersing in Lyon’s food scene would not be complete without a bouchon experience.

Marrakesh, Morocco
marrakesh food
A trip to Marrakesh is feast to the senses. And nowhere is this more evident than at The Jemaa el-Fna where food stalls offer a wide array of scrumptious treats like couscous, kefta, and merguez. Beyond the busy market’s delectable distractions are extensive selections of cuisines like mechoui (slow-roasted lamb), shish kebabs, and more.

Tokyo, Japan
Breakfast in a Ryokan
Finding great food in Tokyo is not a hardship. What’s tough, however, is choosing from a mind-blogging array of options. This bustling city boasts of over 200 Michelin-starred restaurants. And if those were not enough, Tokyo is home to many street food stalls, izakayas, and underrated restaurants that serve delicious foods. Some of the dishes and treats you would not want to miss include gyoza, katsudon, mochi, okonomiyaki, omurice, onigiri, ramen, soba, sukiyaki, sushi, takoyaki, udon, unagi, and wagyu. The kaiseki and sushi breakfast in Tsukiji Fish Market are also some of the best food-centric experiences to try.